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Approval level: 80%
Updated : 2015-08-12
Downloads this week: 514
Times recommended: 0
Category: Graphics
SubCategory: Interior Design
Type: Shareware
Size: 9.240kb.
Language: Program in Spanish 

"A simple application for plan designs."

Sketch Xpress is a simple tool, ideal for professionals who are required to use complex design programs to create and modify plans. It's a powerful application which, as a graphical editor has all the tools necessary to accomplish its mission perfectly, without having to resort to complex programs like AutoCad.

Its vector format allows you to edit and modify files anytime, saved in BMP format, so that later you can open them with any other program. To facilitate your work, Sketch Xpress gives you the ability to select only part of the project and copy it to the Windows clipboard or print it.

Among its many features are particular ease of handling of moving objects from one place to another, automatically generate walls and partitions (no need to draw), placement of windows, carpentry elements, stairs, furniture, sanitary equipment, application of colour individually to each item and all the parts you want, creating colours by the user, etc. All this is designed to offer maximum comfort in design.

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